Cap Concentrates

Cap Concentrates

For those of you looking to improve your e-liquids, Capella produces some of the richest flavors on the market. Made in the USA, Capella offers a large selection of food-grade flavorings that are sure to enhance the taste of your e-liquid. You will be amazed at what a few drops of Capella can do. Try a Capella flavor today, and it could be your new secret ingredient!

Capella flavor drops do not contain fats, carbohydrates, calories, sweeteners, caffeine, gluten, or peanuts.

Capella flavorings are ideal for the initial "hit" of flavor, and for their deliciously appealing aromas.

Warning: Capella flavorings are concentrated flavorants, *not* e-liquids. Do not vape unless these flavors have been diluted in PG or VG.

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